Coney Island

Last time I was here was 25 years ago and nothing has changed.  The Cyclone roller coaster still looms. This time though, after years of making radio, I notice all the tiny sounds of a resort in the off season.  The clanking of the fences, the distant ‘D’ train squealing against a rail, even a discarded polystyrene cup dinging down the boardwalk like a drunk.  Then as if on cue about 30 honking geese flying past in v formation.  Yes!  But hold on, will they work on the radio?   For these geese sound exactly like the ones we recorded on the coast of Orkney at Skara Brae.   Then again does that matter?  Could they even be the same geese?Coney Island Broadwalk_3663Coney Island Rollercoaster_3666

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